Why you should Hire a Psychic for your Business

Is your Business ahead of the consumer trend for 2021? A business owner who is a client of Trinity Oracles recently messaged us and asked “What’s the meaning of 2020?, Why is all this happening and what can we do as business owners to better prepared for the upswing in revenue that will be coming to us next year?” She wanted to get a heads up and be prepared for the next cycle of money, consumer interest and what will be some of the biggest trends of next year, So she can be in the flow instead of against it. 

What does 2020 mean numerically?  

It’s the battle between light & darkness, Old against the new & good vs. evil 

2020 adds up to 4 & 4 in numerology represents restructuring, rebuilding & reorganizing what’s not good in our lives & placing order before any major changes can happen.  

Now, as a business owner how can you get prepared for 2021 from a Spiritual Perspective?  

2021 adds up to a Universal Year 5:  

5 in numerology represents major changes so collectively consumers will be unsettled, nervous, anxious & DESPERATE for change.  

BUSINESS INDUSTRIES that will have a MAJOR INFLUENCE & a chance at more clients & more business overall will be  

Travel Industries • Marketing • Entertainment Industry (concerts, movies, etc) • Counselors • Psychics & Spiritual Life Coaches • Artists & many more industries. Are you ready for the next consumer trend? Your business Angels can provide much guidance in regards to business trends. Have you met your business angels? Schedule your New Year’s Reading with Trinity Oracles to hear what the Angels have in store for you in 2021!

Hiring an experienced Psychic and/or Spiritual Life Coach can help you get to know your business angels, provide guidance on how to connect with them, tell you about blockages, or simply provide you guidance from them as my sisters and I do all the time for other business owners 

As Psychics & Spiritual Life Coaches my sisters and I are able to connect with Angels very easily & we are able to receive their guidance in regards to business cycles, trends & receive guidance in many other things. By hiring a psychic or spiritual life coach “a good one though” 😏 your business can always be ahead of the cycle and you can be ahead of the trends. Some of our clients are entertainers, designers, popular tv hosts, musicians & many other industries. 

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