Where the money resides??

A New York City official spending lots of the state’s money will be revealed in the near future. They will be in very big trouble. It will be very interesting to hear about all the extracurricular activities and expenses the New York elected official has been using New York’s taxpayers money for.

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  1. Hello ladies, how are you? Hope you’re all doing well…today is a awful day for women in the u.s who support reproductive rights to things like an abortion, the Supreme Court who’s fool of ignorant men (and also women, most are republicans unfortunately) who know nothing about women’s bodies and how it works overturned roe v wade ending nearly 59 years of safe and legal abortions… what happens from here? What do you see as a result or consequence of this stupid ass decision? 11 states have already moved to ban abortion now that they can without legal persecution, will abortion tourism become a thing? Will roe v wade stay overturned forever? Omg 😱 I hope and pray 🤲 to god that’s won’t be the case. My heart is seriously broken especially for those who conceive a child via sexual assault or incest, I hope people open their eyes and open their minds as well as their ears 👂 and listen to those who support abortion and reproductive rights aka pro lifers and pro choicers

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