What’s in Megan Thee Stallion’s future?

Megan Thee Stallion’s spirit guides said…⬇️😃

Megan will be left in the dust by rap artist BIA’s new music soon. Her guides said she will soon feel the pressure & will be facing stiff competition from the many new female rap artists stepping up in the game soon. Megan will feel the heat & won’t like it. 

Pending litigation/lawsuit soon from or for Megan

Big financial deal in the future for Megan, it’s a Sneaker deal/collaboration. 

Accessories line in the works & she will net a big financial gain. She has many dedicated fans

Megan thee stallion may create a lingerie line or represent a brand.

Perfume line will also be in the works for the rapper soon. She may create one or represent a brand.

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  1. I like Meg. But I always felt like she suppose to do more than rap . Her sneakers deal might be with nike. She already models for nike

  2. I like Megan. I think she’ll embrace the competition. There are so many female rappers out there now. It’s nice to have diversity.

  3. I like Megan. I think she will embrace the competition. She always advocate for new girls or for women to come together to make money together. I’ll just be glad when her battle is over and the shooting case.

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