Megan Rapinoe will leave the US Women’s National Soccer Team on a much higher note.

Equal Pay, higher ticket sales, more viewers…but there is something else in store her guides said, keep reading ⏬

Look out for a documentary filmed on with major network (HBO, CNN, etc) about the struggles women faced in the women’s soccer league. She will get a lot of flack from other players in the league about her personal portrayal of the league towards her and other women. She will not back pedal & will stick to her guns regardless of how other players and representatives of the US soccer league feel about it 😬

She will demand more women to be placed in high ranking leadership positions within the USWNST & USMNST and also demand gender inclusivity ⏬

Although she will demand it, her guides said it will still take a very long time for women to be placed in key leadership positions within the leagues.

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