The sky is the limit??

Jay-Z’s guides said he will make a line of exclusive yacht’s solely for the world’s elite!! Keep making that money Jay-Z…the sky is not the limit

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  1. Hello ladies, how are you? Hope you’re all doing well… Will huda kutten sell her beauty brand(huda beauty)? If so, when and to who or what company? Will Mona kitten’s marriage last? Will she have kids? If so, how many? Will huda have more kids? Will her marriage last? Will Kendall Jenner get married one day ? If so, when? What’s his occupation? Does he work in the entertainment industry(music, acting)? Is he a athlete? Another psychic said he’ll be 10 years older than Kendall that he’s currently unknown to her but he’s a public figure, is he accurate? How many kids will she have?

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