The Kardashians are going to continue to be rocked by scandal!

The spirit guides of the Kardashians said they are in for a rocky winter this year! Although things will lighten up a little next year, there will be more scandals & drama that will rock the tabloids for many years to come.

Sometime in the near future, The Kardashians will be rocked with alleged abuse claims within the family or from someone from their camp. It will rock the empire a little, but the Kardashians will get through it!

One of the Kardashians will have to go under the knife for an injury. Their guides keep showing us Kris Jenner 👀

The Kardashians mental health will be falling this year & over the next few years to come. They will decide to share their mental health struggles with their fans. It will be mainly because of Kanye but also because of some very public legal scandals. Their guides ask for the public to pray for them

Stay tuned for more Kardashian predictions posted to the blog soon!

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  1. Sorry but Kim’s s@X tape is disgusting. I’m glad Ray J came out and told it like it is. Now I have zero respect for Kim and her mother. I’m not sure how they’re still on the air after the truth came out about that tape. Kim and her mother shamed the family.

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