The British Royal’s Predictions

The Royal’s guides said…

Serious bomb threats and death threats will be hitting the Royal Palace soon. Buckingham Palace will be mainly targeted. There could be a major bomb scare or actual bombing very near Buckingham Palace. The royals are the target and will be required to beef up security. This may or may not be made public.

The Queen’s guides said her health is at risk, her health will be the focus of many news headlines until she passes away. Sometime between 2022-2025, The Queen may transition to the other side to join her deceased husband Prince Philip. Their guides are saying 2024 maybe a major year of grief for The Royals. 

Prince Charles will more than likely be given the throne before she passes away. The Queen is still deciding.

End of 2022 is a major celebration for The Royals. 

Princess Charlotte is growing up and will throw everyone for a loop, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge will have a hard time containing Charlotte’s tantrums, including a very public scene from the little one. Her guides said Charlotte is very spoiled. 

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  1. Hello ladies, please do a reading on Meghan markle and prince harry… will their marriage last? Will they have more kids? Is Meghan a narcissistic fame hungry clout chaser?(that’s what piers Morgan and some people on twitter and YouTube think) does harry regret marrying Meghan? What does princess Diana feel about Meghan and the marriage as a whole? Would she have approved if she was alive? According to YouTube tarot reader anthracite, she’s trying to get a very famous and powerful person’s attention who doesn’t like her because he or she has heard things… is it true? If so, who’s attention is she trying to get. Are their skeletons in their closet? If so , will it be reveled? Are their kids biologically theres? Did she actually carry both of her kids and birthed them? Theirs a rumour/conspiracy that she didn’t… if not, will they be exposed? Why did Netflix really cancel her show “pearl” during production? Will she get more opportunities like the Netflix deal ever again?

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