Scorned lovers and a Multimillion dollar lawsuit!!😨

This is not over between Deavan & Jihoon!! Jihoon will be making some bombshell claims against Deavan very soon!! Get ready for your mouth too drop with what he will expose about her. He refuses to go down without a fight!!

A woman will come forth to expose the horrible treatment of some of the women that worked behind the scenes in the NBA. Charles Barkley will be one of the many names on her list of men that she will “expose”. Some of the alleged claims that she will claim include: Groping, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Mishandling of funds & many other claims against the NBA. Charles Barkley will be let go from many of his contracts, including TNT’s popular “Inside the NBA”, he will be forced into retirement. Shaq will distance himself from Charles Barkley when this comes out as well as a lot of the sports analysts. This woman will expose the truth of the NBA & will win her court case

Shaquille O’neal will expose some things he has seen in the NBA in regards to how women have been viewed and treated in basketball in general. He will start working more with the WNBA to bring more viewership and more pay to the women’s basketball leagues. Due to his effort, more viewership, advertisements, & player pay will dramatically improve over the years. The WNBA will get pretty darn close to the same amount of game views as the male players.

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