Ray-J & Princess Love Prediction

Princess Love maybe coming up with a line of desserts, cookware or a cooking show and it will be wildly successful, her guides said she loves to cook. Princess Love will also get into home renovations. Her guides said she never thought she would get into home renovation but loved it when she tried. Her guides said she actually learned about everything & was very hands-on with the project & hands-on with learning and did not just stick her name on something she had no hand in or didn’t know anything about. Ray – J will be so proud of her.

Princess love & Ray J’s guides said these two are in it for the long haul & will make it work although there will be very many bumps along the road, they are destined to last.

There will be another baby joining their family. There is a very strong chance they will have a 4th child.

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  1. Hello ladies, how are you? Love your YT videos, please post more whenever you’re able to…Will Bella Thorne ever settle down and have children or will she end up being a baby mama? What do you see for her future career wise? Will she film another xxx movie? Will she become a adult film star? Will zendaya continue to act for the rest of her life? Does she win any more major awards? If so, which ones? Will she get married one day? If so, who will she have a marry? What’s his occupation and his ethnicity? Is he black or white?( not that it’s relevant Ofc) how many kids will she have?

  2. I am not surprised that they are getting back together she was on verzuz with him . And it seemed like he was trying ti sing to her 🙄 is the midst of the one wish song. But good for them.

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