Hot Psychic Tea – Kanye West & Bianca Censori Relationship – What’s in the cards

Hey it’s Jasmine from Trinity Oracles and I got the intuitive nudge to pull some oracle cards on Kanye West & Bianca Censori & channel their spirit guides!

I saw an article alleging Kanye West, and Bianca Censori’s relationship is on the rocks, and that Kanye is alluding to kids with her 😲

You already know what time it is, psychic prediction time, keep scrolling to find out what’s in the cards for these lovebirds 

Bianca Censori will want kids, but not with Kanye. The cards show she is already at her wits end with his antics. Some of his antics will be unforgiving ⬇️

Kanye will try to amend for his antics but the cards show it just won’t work ⬇️

Bianca just doesn’t believe in the marriage anymore nor does Kanye ⬇️

She was his soulmate in a very recent past life that’s why they are so strongly connected ⬇️

So will they or wont they make it til death do them part? Keep reading ⬇️⬇️


Their spirit guides say “They are not destined to last!” They are simply soulmates that have come back together to reconnect and that’s all.

Nothing more, Nothing less. BUT…⬇️

That’s not all !!😱😱⬇️

Bianca and Kanye will be at odds for many years to come, even after the marriage ends. ⬇️

She does currently see till death do them part, but that dream will be slowly fizzling away very soon, due to Kanye West antics ⬇️

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  1. Hello trinityoracles, I recently saw your show with IeffMara show and I felt in love immediately. You guys are awesome and amazing. I’m looking forward to book a reading with you guys. Stay blessed always. 😘

  2. I really hoped she’d stick it out 😂 but it makes so much sense that they were soulmates in past lives. Once I saw that she was a Capricorn, I’m like this ain’t no dumb girl being controlled because cap women not like that! But I hope he finds his forever; & have his other babies!

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