Guardian angel

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Guardian angels are Gods direct helpers of humanity. Angels are known to create miracles and to help out humanity anytime when called upon.

Your candle will serve as a symbol of your sincere and prayerful intentions.  Your candle can be shared with friends and family, if you wish. These candles are perfect for loved ones, as memorials, and for those in need who are far away.

The angels are very powerful and may create “miracles” for you when called upon. They work along side God to help you shift your life to have more positive experiences. They may also help you make decisions on important things. When calling on them talk out loud so they can hear your prayers or needs.

Light your Guardian angel Virtual Prayer Candle, call on them for help with anything and feel their powerful energy.

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1 review for Guardian angel

  1. Kedeisha

    Great quality, perfect size for my candle magic. PS these candles are super powerful I feel the energy off them

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