4″ White sage bundle with bay leaves


White Sage is known as “sacred smoke” it is primarily found in northern mexico. It is widely used in smudging ceremonies .

White Sage:
*Cleanses one from negative energy
*Can be used as an antibacterial to cleanse the air in ones home.
*Clears out old energy
*Can relieve stress and tension when burned

*Bay leaves historically have been used for prosperity

Size: 4 inches

How to burn sage:

Find a fire resistant dish to place your sage in to extinguish it once you have completed the smudging. Light you Sage on one end then gently wave or blow the flame out .Once the flame is blown out you will see the smoke rise. Gently wave your smudge around your house or even wave it around your body *(be careful not to hold it close to you)*. Once you are finished smudging place to smudge stick in the fire resistant dish. Make sure to fully extinguish your smudge.


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4″ White sage Bundle/White Sage/Smudging Bundle/Sacred smoke/Cleansing



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Weight 0.8 oz

2 reviews for 4″ White sage bundle with bay leaves

  1. Sade

    This is the best sage it smells so peaceful but strong at the same time. Will purchase again definitely

  2. Marisa

    High quality, I give these as gift because they are so good and burn perfect

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