Part 2 of The Kardashians being rocked by scandal!! Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scotts guides said The end will be drawing near for this famous couple. Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott’s relationship will begin to unravel in 2023, much to many fans dismay. They will announce their split between 2023-2024. Kylie Jenner will have a very hard time healing from the tragic break up and will face many mental health battles due to the stress of a very public breakup.

Her guides said she will have many breakdowns but will pull through and will move on to new love after a while.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott were not destined. Her guides said she may have been guided by a psychic that her & Travis were not compatible and that it wouldn’t last, but her guides said she did not listen and went forward with the relationship anyways. She continued because of Stormi. Her guides said she will take the trusted advice of the psychic next time & will be better off for it. Even though they returned to each other & had a baby boy, which we predicted in our Youtube reading below, the joyous reunion was destined to only last for a while.

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  1. I didn’t see their relationship lasting ever since the pictures of them at a basketball 🏀 game surfaced, you don’t need to waste a psychic or three 😉 to figure that out… stormi is a oops baby because she conceived literally months after their first date and I can’t be convinced otherwise and the decision to have another kid with him is just irresponsible in my opinion and could mess up those kids if she’s not careful. Hopefully she gets support from not just her family but her fans as well I don’t want anyone fan or not to clown 🤡 and make fun of her. Is/has Travis cheated on her? Does she know? Another psychic said he sees them getting married and having more kids and I believe him because his predictions come true too and he posts proof a told ya , so I don’t know who’s prediction will come true😫

  2. What about kourtney and Travis baker, will they have kids together? Will their marriage last? Will Kim and Pete Davidson get back together? Will Kim remarry for the billionth time? Will Kim have kids with whoever she marries if she remarries? Will Kendall get married and have kids one day?

  3. please do a reading/prediction on Bella Thorne… will she become a full time adult film star? Will she end up being a baby mama? If so, how many baby daddies will she have? What do you see in her future career and love life wise? Will Kaia gerber and Austin butler’s relationship last or are they wedding 💒 bells in their future? Will their marriage last if they do marry? Will they have kids? If so, how many? Please do a prediction/reading on jenette mccurdy’s career and personal life, what does the future hold for her going forward? Will she get married and have kids of her own in the future? If so, when? Please do a reading on YouTuber nazanin kavari and her husband Mel… will their marriage last?? Will they have more kids after her twin babies are born, does Mel truly love her for her or did he marry her for clout? Does he treat her right? Is he nothing but a clueless clout chasing loser? What do you see for nazanin and mel future from now? What do you see for their children’s future?

  4. Hi ladies how are you? Hope you all have a lovely day, Please do a reading on Georgina Rodriguez( @ Georginagio) on ig… did she get any facial or body enhancements? Ie BBL, non surgical butt lift, etc. If so what? Why did one of her twin babies tragically pass away? Was it a natural death? Will her relationship with cristiano Ronaldo last? If not, why? She says she wants to be a actress and singer one day… will it happen and if so will she be successful? Why or why not? Are all 39+million of her followers real people? If not, what percentage is fake/ bots? Will her and cristiano have more kids? How does cristiano jr really feel about his “stepmom”? How does cristiano’s mom, siblings and friends really feel about Georgina? Will her Netflix show soy Georgina get more seasons? It’s already filming for season 2, despite it’s horrible reviews by critics and fans alike, if so how many more seasons and will the show stay on Netflix permanently?

  5. Hello ladies, who will Kylie’s new love be? What’s his profession? Is he a athlete or another rapper? Is he In the entertainment industry? Will her and her new love last? Will she and her new boo have marry and have kids? Will their marriage last?

  6. Please do a reading on Elizabeth Gillies and her husband the producer she met on the set of Victorious… was she groomed? If so, was she groomed by her husband and Dan Schneider or both? Did her family try even a lil bit to talk her out of marrying him? If not, why? If so, why didn’t she listen to them? Will her and her husband have kids? Oml I hope not🤦‍♀️ if so how many? will her marriage last? I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t tbh, what do you see in the future going forward for her marriage and career? Mostly her career.

  7. Help ladies, please do a reading on Portuguese soccer player cristiano Ronaldo and his gf/baby mama georgina Rodriguez, will they get married? Will they have more kids? will their relationship last? Will she become a actress or singer? If so will she be big like world famous or just famous in some places? Will any of the kids follow in their father’s footsteps? Are all of their followers on instagram real accounts? If not how much(percentage) are fake? How does cristiano jr(oldest child) feel about Georgina? How does cristiano mom and siblings feel about Georgina? Will her Netflix show soy Georgina get more seasons? Will it stay on Netflix for a long time? When will cristiano retire from soccer? Who will win the World Cup? Has Georgina had any face or body altercations like fillers and Non surgical butt lift? Her sister and her uncle said she completely changed when she met and started dating cristiano, is it true? Her uncle even called her a evil women…what do you see in the future for Georgina career wise? Is she really worth 25 million euros? If/when Georgina and cristiano break up, who will they date next? If they move on to date other people, will either of them marry their next gf/bf? How will child custody go for them since they’ve got two kids(well three, but one of the twins passed away at birth unfortunately) together? How will their followers/fans react if/when they break up? How will they announce their break up? Joint statement, instagram live, etc. how will they announce their engagement? If they do plan to get married? Will Georgina ever make it in or to Hollywood? like priyanka chopra did… if so, will she be successful? Will she successfully become a singer? If so, would she be famous like Karol G?(instead of just being known as CR7 baby mama) . Apparently there’s going to be a second season of her show soy Georgina, will her show keep getting new seasons? Will the show help her gain world wide fame and notoriety other than being a famous soccer ⚽️ player’s gf/baby mama? How many more seasons will her show get if Netflix gives it the go ahead? Will her show stay on Netflix for good? speaking of priyanka chopra… please do a reading/prediction on her and nick Jonas, will their marriage last? Will they have more kids? If so, how many more? Did priyanka marry nick to get even more famous?

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