Normani, a change in her future

Normani’s guides said she is ready for a change, and it will shock a lot of her fans. Get ready, Normani fans for this dramatic shift in her future!! Keep reading to see what the future holds for her.

Normani will be taking a long awaited break from music soon. It will be to her fans dismay. She will be taking this break to focus on her future and to find out what she wants in life. Her main focus – LOVE. Keep reading to find out more 👇

She will be entering a new relationship soon and marriage will be soon to follow. Although she loves music, she wants a break and will find much peace as she ventures into a new phase in life. Good job Normani your guides are proud of you for putting “YOU FIRST!”

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  1. I’m both happy and sad at the same time, I’m happy she’s putting herself first and waiting till the day she posts her wedding pictures also sad because I’ll miss her music and stage presence. She’s a incredible young lady and deserves nothing but happiness and Light in her life, I hope her marriage lasts forever. My questions are what’s her future husband or wife(don’t know what she’s into) going to look or be like? What’s his/her occupation? Is he/she in the industry? Will he/she be older or younger than normani or the same age? Will they have kids? If so, how many?

  2. Waaaayyy to goooo Normani, I’m so happy for her and what her future holds can’t wait… can you please do a reading/prediction on ayra Starr she’s a Nigerian artist signed to don jazzy’s( Nigerian producer) label, what does the future hold for her career? Will she become known world wide? Will she stayed with her label for a long time? What does the future hold for her? Will she win awards internationally, like a Grammy for example? How big will her career be if she does become big? Will she make music for the rest of her life? Will she move out of Nigeria? If so, where?

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