Nick Cannon won’t be stopping anytime soon 😏

Nick Cannon will not be slowing down the baby train anytime in the near future! His guides said he will have an additional 12 more kids on top of his children that are already born & including the current women that are pregnant this year. He will not be stopping anytime soon.

His guides said he makes sure to take care of all of his kids and their mothers. Don’t be shocked if you see him gifting all of children’s mother’s gifts on social media.

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  1. A additional 12 kids along with the 9 he has already? That’s 21 kids🤯🤯🤯 ik wouldn’t be surprised if most Americans in a 10 to 50 years or more has nick for a common ancestor😩😂 father cannon had many sons had many sons had father cannon( Christian song father Abraham, but nick version) 😂

  2. But doesn’t he have HIV? So he’s just spreading his seed and possibly getting other women and possibly his kids sick? So irresistible.

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