Good news soon for rapper Big Sean, his guides said congratulations will be in order for him as he will be popping the question soon to a very lucky lady in his life!! Stay tuned for post #2 detailing their future!

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  1. Wow that’s amazing 🤩 I wish him all the happiness I’m the world he deserves it especially since he’s so unproblematic… is it jhene aiko(idk if I spelt her name right)? I hope so, they’re adorable together almost like soulmates… when will he propose and how? Will they have kids together? If so, how many?

  2. Hello ladies, how are you? Hope you’re doing well… please continue posting videos and celebrities predictions… I can’t express enough how much I enjoy them and look forward to the next post, please do a reading on the ace family… particularly Austin and Catherine, will their marriage last? Will they have more kids? Is Austin a cheater? If so, does Catherine know? If so, why is she still with him besides keeping their YouTube aesthetic(Catherine can get a separate channel and do fine on her own without Austin) will they’re kids resent them for having them grow up in front of million instead of privately? Will they speak out against parents doing what they’re parents did to them ie filming them without their consent or due to lack of understanding? Please do a prediction on TikToker SJ bleu and her husband tony lopez… will their marriage last? Will they have kids? If so, how many? Will they end up creating a family channel?

  3. Please do a reading on Italian actor Michele Morrone…love life and career as well as personal life, he’s in the movie 365 days it’s on Netflix as well as it’s sequel. He says he wants to cross over to either Bollywood or Hollywood… will he do it? And if so will he succeed?

  4. Hi ladies, how are you? Hope you’re all doing well… please do a prediction on cristiano Ronaldo and his gf/baby mama Georgina Rodriguez… Portuguese soccer player cristiano Ronaldo and his gf/baby mama georgina Rodriguez, will they get married? Will they have more kids? will their relationship last? Will she become a actress or singer? If so will she be big like world famous or just famous in some places? Will any of the kids follow in their father’s footsteps? Are all of their followers on instagram real accounts? If not how much(percentage) are fake? How does cristiano jr(oldest child) feel about Georgina? How does cristiano mom and siblings feel about Georgina? Will her Netflix show soy Georgina get more seasons? Will it stay on Netflix for a long time? When will cristiano retire from soccer? Who will win the World Cup? Has Georgina had any face or body altercations like fillers and Non surgical butt lift? Her sister and her uncle said she completely changed when she met and started dating cristiano, is it true? Her uncle even called her a evil women…what do you see in the future for Georgina career wise? Is she really worth 25 million euros? If/when Georgina and cristiano break up, who will they date next? If they move on to date other people, will either of them marry their next gf/bf? How will child custody go for them since they’ve got two kids(well three, but one of the twins passed away at birth unfortunately) together? How will their followers/fans react if/when they break up? How will they announce their break up? Joint statement, instagram live, etc. how will they announce their engagement? If they do plan to get married? Will Georgina ever make it in or to Hollywood? like priyanka chopra did… if so, will she be successful? Will she successfully become a singer? If so, would she be famous like Karol G?(instead of just being known as CR7 baby mama) speaking of priyanka chopra… please do a reading/prediction on her and nick Jonas, will their marriage last? Will they have more kids? If so, how many more? Did priyanka marry nick to get even more famous?

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