50 cent’s guides said he will be the new face of a franchise; this deal will net him millions. It’s connected to the alcohol industry.

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  1. Hi ladies, how are you all doing? please do a reading on India love and her boyfriend devin Haney, her fans think she’s dating him because he has more money than he did when he first started boxing 🥊 professionally. They think this because before devin started becoming known, he used to make it known how much he loved India and wanted to be her boyfriend on his socials which she ignored or dismissed Ofc. It wasn’t until his big win that she decided to respond to his advances and started dating him… will their relationship last? If so, will they marry? If so, will the marriage last? Will India end up being a baby mama instead? If so, is devin going to be her baby daddy?

  2. Hi ladies, how are you? Please do a reading on christean rock and blue face but mainly christean. Is there relationship as toxic as it seems online? If so, is it more toxic in real life(off camera)? Is christean obsessed with blue face? If so, how obsessed? And why? Does blue face really care about her well being? If so, why does he treat her like crap most of the time? Why does she allow him to treat her like crap and walk all over her? Does she have low self esteem? What do you see in the future for blue face and christean’s careers?

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