Deceased actress rolling in her grave.

The Lucy Show remake is in the works. Ratings will suffer. Spirit says, it was canceled before it even started, Television execs should have listened to their intuition. Money isn’t everything. Lucille Ball is not happy about this, she does not want this remake to happen!! Amy Poehler keeps showing up in connection to this remake. Lucy is trying to get her not to greenlight it. Listen to your intuition Amy, its not worth it. Lucy is not happy!! Lucille Ball does not feel like her legacy is not really being taken serious by Amy & the TV execs.


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  1. Hey ladies can you do a reading one day on any of these people / places or topics please!!!! lil Kim, Mary J bilge follow up, women of color as a whole, rupaul, ,Kandi buress,Mariah Carey ,Female black Hollywood legends and singers from the 80’s and further back, the woman king cast (lovedddd that movie!!), Future illnesses, diseases if any seen in the future and lastly The state of New York&California

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