Lori Harvey turning over a new leaf

Lori Harvey’s guides said she will be securing a deal for a series with a major streaming or tv platform. It will be a success.

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  1. Hello ladies, seeing your posts and YT videos makes me smile sometimes especially when your predictions come true😭😭😭 please consider doing a reading on Selena Gomez(health, career, and love life) does she miss Justin bieber and wished their relationship worked out and wasn’t so toxic? Why did they break up for good? Will Hailey and Justin’s marriage last?if not, why? Will they have kids? Is Selena dating anyone low key right now? If so, will their relationship last? Will she get married and have kids some time in the future? If so, is her future husband older or younger than her or the same age group as her? If he’s older or younger, how much older or younger is he? Is he in the entertainment industry? If so, what does he do? Music, acting etc or does he do behind the scenes stuff like directing? Please also do a reading on Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola peltz… will their marriage last? If not, why? Will they have kids? If so, how many? Was their marriage arranged?

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