Lengthy Legal Troubles

Rapper Latto guides said she will be facing a lot of legal troubles in her future and it will be a very lengthy court battle. She will be facing not 1, but 2 possible lawsuits, as her guides said her past may come back & haunt her. (Lawsuit stemming from her past and one stemming for future actions)

Her career will be fine, although her guides said her mental health could take a toll.

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  1. Hi ladies, happy Easter 🐣 weekend, please do a reading on Meghan Markle and prince harry… will their marriage last forever? Are their kids really royalty?( have royal blood, they’re rumours that they actually used a surrogate or adopted 😂) will harry or his son become king one day? Is Meghan nothing but a talentless clout chasing fame hungry 🤤 fool?( again rumour on twitter, mixed with piers Morgan’s tweets😂) will their Netflix documentary be a success? Will their future projects be a success? Why did Meghan marry harry? Why did harry marry Meghan? Will harry regret marrying Meghan? Is Meghan jealous of Catherine? If so, why? Was what harry and Meghan told Oprah in that infamous interview all true? How does princess Diana feel about that situation and Meghan in general? Will they remarry if or when they divorce? If they divorce, when will it happen and why will they divorce? Who will file for the divorce first? Will Meghan still get to keep her titles like Sarah Ferguson did when she and prince Andrew divorced? How will the public and the royal family especially the queen if she’s still alive by than react to their divorce? How will the world react? Especially Meghan’s “celebrity friends” like Serena Williams… does Meghan really have celebrity friends in Hollywood or are they all just using her?

  2. Hey, where’s the Raven Symone post. Just came from the couples prediction video (bennifer/ciara Russell/ etc)

  3. Hello ladies, loved your recent YouTube videos… please do a reading on Jeannie mai and jeezy, will their marriage last? Will they have more kids? Why did Jeannie mai say she wasn’t going to have kids when she was with her ex husband but changed her mind when she married jeezy? Did she cheat on her ex husband with jeezy? Please do a reading on Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola peltz… was their marriage arranged? (I watched a video on YouTube that predicted that it was🫢) will their marriage last? If not, when will they divorce? Will they have kids? If so, how many? Also please do a reading on Justin and hailey bieber….will their marriage last? If not, why and who will file for divorce first? When will they divorce if their marriage won’t last? Will they have kids? How many kids will they have if they do have kids?

  4. Hi ladies, love your content(YouTube and blog) please do a reading on Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott… will they marry? If so, will their marriage last? Will they have more kids together? If so, how many more? Will the kardishian show on Hulu run for a long period of time like it did on E network? Will they keep being in the public eye? Will the public ever stop supporting them( buying their products and brand sponsored labels)? Will Kylie really buy a farm like she claims in a interview and stop being in the public eye? Will Kourtney and Travis have a child or two together? Will Pete and Kim relationship last? Will Kim ever remarry? Will Kanye remarry? Will khole take Tristan back for good? Will they marry and have more kids? Will Tristan cheat and knock up someone for the 1345th time?

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