Kim Kardashian leaving TV soon?

The spirit guides of Kim Kardashian have spoken. She has been pursuing being a legit lawyer for a while and recently astonished fans when she said that she would be happy leaving her popular reality show for good.

Continue reading below to find out from Kim’s guides will she ever leave⬇⬇

Her guides say that Kim will leave reality TV one day, but no time soon. Only when her children ask her not to do it anymore will she stop doing it completely. She will quit mostly out of respect for her children. But her guides say she loves attention and will continue to stay popular on social media. So that will allow her fans to continue to stay in contact with her. She will become a lawyer but not full time as she says but mostly a part time lawyer. She will use her degree to help people have been victims of injustices. Her guides say she actually does enjoy being a lawyer, its a passion of hers, but she will always love he spotlight and paparazzi more.

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image “Kim Kardashian” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


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