Kenya Moore, keepin’ it real

Kenya Moore’s guides said she will be spilling secrets about her life in a new tell-all book that will be hitting bookstores near you. She will be talking about fame, motherhood, healing and more. Her guides said “You go girl”

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  1. Hello ladies, I just listened to Beyoncé’s new album 💿 and in one of her songs she says must be the cash cause it ain’t your face 😂😂😂 ik savage but funny, is jay z cheating on Beyoncé again and if so does she know? If not will she find out? Will they have more kids? Has jay z pulled a Matthew knowles and fathered a child outside his marriage? If so, does she know? If not, will she find out and how? Will they divorce? I personally don’t think so, it’s cheaper to stay with him, nobody says they had to live together I just feel sorry for their children especially blue ivy who’s Ofc old enough to understand what’s going on… it’ll be the most expensive divorce in music history if that’s the decision they decide to make… jay z may be a smart business man but he’s a 🤡 if he’s cheating on bey again 🤦‍♀️

  2. Hello ladies, how are you? Hope you’re doing well… Please do a reading on Georgina Rodriguez( @ Georginagio) on ig… did she get any facial or body enhancements? Ie BBL, non surgical butt lift, etc. If so what? Why did one of her twin babies tragically pass away? Was it a natural death? Will her relationship with cristiano Ronaldo last? If not, why? She says she wants to be a actress and singer one day… will it happen and if so will she be successful? Why or why not? Are all 39 million of her followers real people? If not, what percentage is fake/ bots? Will her and cristiano have more kids? How does cristiano jr really feel about his “stepmom”? How does cristiano’s mom, siblings and friends really feel about Georgina? Will her Netflix show soy Georgina get more seasons? despite it’s horrible reviews by critics and fans alike, if so how many more seasons and will the show stay on Netflix permanently?

  3. Hi ladies, please do a reading on Christian influencer @ashleyokada_, will her and her husband last? Will they have more kids? Please also do a reading on China Anne McClain… she basically exposed Hollywood a while ago, is what she’s saying true? If so, is her life in danger? Will she continue acting despite saying she’s doing the lord’s work now? I was shocked 😮 af when she started doing the whole Christian content creator thing especially on TikTok… is it genuine? Is she truly doing the lord’s work as she claims?

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