Justin Bieber & Hailey Bieber will they be together forever? Find out what their spirit guides said!

The spirit guides of Justin & Hailey Bieber had so much to say about the future of their relationship! Will they last til death do them part?? Keep reading to find out 👇

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First off, our oracle cards say this is not their 1st rodeo as a married couple. They have many lifetimes together as husband and wife. The cards even show her father, was not in the best of spirits about their relationship in this lifetime but he accepted it, because of his daughter. Energetically Justin & Hailey are a match made in heaven, but will they last?? Keep reading 👇

Their spirit guides said unfortunately they will not last. Too much fighting and its very hard for them to be on the same page at the same time. This will lead ultimately to the break-up of their marriage.

Justin will not handle this very public break-up well!

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  1. I knew from the moment they announced their engagement that their marriage wouldn’t last especially since they got together and engaged 6 months after Justin and Selena broke up for good when they allegedly rekindled their romance. Who will file for divorce first? Will they have kids before they divorce? If so, how many? When will they divorce?

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