Just like her dad!!

Spirit says Bill Gates’s daughter is just like him in many more ways than one. She will be a force to be reckoned with & will not stop until she “reaches the top of the food chain”!!

She will step into her dads’ shoes and will be the new face of many of his companies when Bill Gates decides to take a break, retire and/or upon his passing.

BTW…Bill Gates & Melinda gates will never reconcile

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Image Credit: “Bill Gates” by U.S. Department of Energy is marked with CC0 1.0.


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  1. Hello ladies, how are you? Happy holidays and new years in advance… please do a reading on Portuguese soccer ⚽️ player cristiano Ronaldo and his gf/baby mama Georgina Rodriguez when will he retire? What next for him career wise? Will his and Georgina relationship last? Will they have more kids? What do you see for Georgina career wise? Like what do you see her doing 2023 and Beyond?

  2. please do a reading on Candace owens personal life, career and marriage, will she have more kids? Will she run for office(president) one day? If so, when? Will she make it to the primaries? Will she win? Absurd ik 😂 will get marriage last? Will her career last? Is she nothing but a political grifter? Will more people of colour(black, brown, etc) support her? If so, will famous people like Tyler perry and Oprah support her? Does she really believe what she preaches and talks about? Apparently Candace owens is destined for “fame” since birth according to another psychic, is that true?

    • We did a psychic reading on our Youtube channel about Candace Owens! Here is the link –> https://youtu.be/bbhnpEcxVTk

      2023 Celebrity & World Predictions will be uploaded to our youtube channel in the next few days!! Keep your eyes peeled and make sure to hit that notification bell to be notified as soon as the video is uploaded to youtube

  3. please do a reading/prediction on Bella Thorne… will she become a full time adult film star? Will she end up being a baby mama? If so, how many baby daddies will she have? What do you see in her future career and love life wise?

  4. Please do a prediction/reading on jenette mccurdy’s career and personal life, what does the future hold for her going forward? Will she get married and have kids of her own in the future? If so, when?

  5. Please do a reading on Elizabeth Gillies and her husband the producer she met on the set of Victorious… was she groomed? If so, was she groomed by her husband and Dan Schneider or both? Did her family try even a lil bit to talk her out of marrying him? If not, why? If so, why didn’t she listen to them? Will her and her husband have kids? Oml I hope not🤦‍♀️ if so how many? will her marriage last? I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t tbh, what do you see in the future going forward for her marriage and career? Mostly her career.

  6. Please do a reading on Georgina Rodriguez( @ Georginagio) on ig… did she get any facial or body enhancements? Ie BBL, non surgical butt lift, etc. If so what? Why did one of her twin babies tragically pass away? Was it a natural death? Will her relationship with cristiano Ronaldo last? If not, why? She says she wants to be a actress and singer one day… will it happen and if so will she be successful? Why or why not? Are all 39+million of her followers real people? If not, what percentage is fake/ bots? Will her and cristiano have more kids? How does cristiano jr really feel about his “stepmom”? How does cristiano’s mom, siblings and friends really feel about Georgina? Will her Netflix show soy Georgina get more seasons? despite it’s horrible reviews by critics and fans alike, if so how many more seasons and will the show stay on Netflix permanently?

  7. Did Kylie Jenner have any body enhancements in the past and recently I.e BBL(Brazilian butt lift), non surgical butt lift(scupltra), fillers(besides the ones she admitted to getting). Does she still get enhancements? If so why? Is she insecure? Will her daughter follow in her footsteps and get body enhancements too when she’s older? Will stormie take over Kylie’s businesses when she gets older? What do you see in the future for the karjenner (kardashian Jenner) kids?

  8. Please do a reading on nazanin kavari and her husband Mel… will their marriage last?? Will they have more kids after her twin babies are born, does Mel truly love her for her or did he marry her for clout? Does he treat her right? Is he nothing but a clueless clout chasing loser? What do you see for nazanin and mel future from now? What do you see for their children’s future?

  9. That sounds cool, maybe she’ll create something bigger and better than what her dad did or bigger than Apple.

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