The Spirit Guides of the Collective Conscious had a few predictions they wanted to share with the collective through Jasmine. The next 4 years for the White House is going to be a little different. Keep reading to find out what’s happening for America ⬇️


Joe Biden health issues in his future possibly a stroke or something other health related issue that will keep him out of the office for a certain period of time. (The number 42 keeps surrounding him with this health issue; his guides did not disclose the significance of 42) 


Vice-President Kamala Harris will have to step in as President during his health issue. She will do well. Kamala Harris will step up her role dealing with International Policy’s during her time as Vice-President.


The Biden administration will be adamantly working in the next election to build trust with the American people & will work diligently on fixing the major distrust of our government. His efforts will be met with much success.

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  1. Thank God Trump will not win!! …Can you please do a reading on District Attorney Fani Willis of Georgia who is prosecuting Donald Trump in the election interference case? Will she be removed from the case? Will she be reelected as DA of Fulton County ?

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