It’s the end of an era

Ludacris’s guides said he will be taking a bow soon, he will be announcing his retirement. His guides said he will take a more active role in real estate, acting & writing. His guides said he has been contemplating it for awhile.

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  1. Hello ladies, you were right about the karjenners(kardashians jenners) pulling a stunt, TMZ and several news outlets said kourtney kardishain and Travis barker got married in Vegas after the Grammies

  2. Hello ladies, hope you’re having a great day…please could you do a reading on Olivia rodrigo… like what’s her career going to be like? Will she become super famous like Billie elish(sorry can’t spell her last name)? If not, who’s career will her’s bee like? Will she continue to make music for the rest of her career or focus on acting like zendaya did? What do you see in her future career wise? Will she become a billionaire making music like Kanye west? Will she get married one day? If so when? Will she get married young? Early 20’s or 30’s… will she have kids? If so, how many? Will she and her current boyfriend(can’t remember his name) last? Will her next albums be as successful as her debut album? Will she win any awards for acting? An Oscar for example if she chooses to focus more on acting
    please do a A reading on @londonshaygoheen and @Reece_hawkins… are they legally married? If so, will their marriage last? Is Reece the biological father of stone? Does Reece miss his ex? Did Reece cheat on Tammy with London before they broke up? Will London and Reece relationship last? Is London jealous of Tammy? Does Reece truly love London? Will Reece and London ever move back to Australia? Is London’s family as rich as they seem? Does morgen( London’s older sister) like her? Will Reece cheat on London? Has he cheated on London in the past? Is Reece just using London to get a green card than citizenship? Does London’s dad(shawn goheen) pay for London and Reece’s lifestyle and expenses? Does Tammy hembrow give her baby daddy/ex money ? If so, why? Why did Reece and Tammy break up? If they broke up because someone cheated, who cheated? A reading on @mrs.Midwest, does she practice what she preaches? Is she a closeted racist and a nazi sympathizer? In some of her videos on YouTube has nazi and 50’s ideology( anti feminist, pro patriarchy) and sugar coated as tips and lifestyle

  3. Hello ladies, I have loved your channel since discovering you recently, and I tune in for all-new readings. For Ludacris, I am not surprised as watching his transition into acting shows that music and the industry is becoming less of a focus. He’s making more and more money elsewhere.

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