It’s so hard to say goodbye…

NBC’s Today Show host Savannah Guthrie guides said she will be stepping down soon from the Today show & other broadcasting roles & duties. It will come as a shock to all & will dismay many of the Today show’s fans. She will be sorely missed.

The View co-host Sunny Hostin will be joining the White House. She will be working very close with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris & more high ranking govt officials. She will be getting a very highly coveted position. You go girl!! Girl Power. Her guides are cheering her on. She will leave a amazing legacy for many women


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  1. Hello ladies, love your channel… can you please do a reading/prediction on zendaya… will her and Tom holland relationship last? If so, will they get married? If so, will they have kids? If so, how many? What in store for zendaya’s career? What’s in store for Tom’s? Who will she marry if she and Tom don’t get married? Will she marry someone older than her or the same age? Please do a reading/prediction on TikToker SJ bleu and her husband tony lopez… will their marriage last? Will they have kids? Will tony end up going to jail? If so, for how long and why? A reading/prediction on instagram “influencer” Danielle Cohn… is she really “18”? Will her mother jen go to jail for exploiting her alleged underaged daughter for money? Will CPS ever get involved in their alleged illegal activities i.e getting a tattoo at 15 and being sexually active… will she eventually speak out against her mother? Did she go to school 🏫 for the past five years? Will her father finally ask the court system for help to gain custody of his daughter if she’s still underage? Will Jen go to jail if all the allegations that she’s exploiting her allegedly 16 years old daughter and has been for years are true? What’s in store for Danielle’s future? Will her now 19 year old boyfriend go to jail and end up on one of the worst list know to man cause he knows if she’s actually 16?

      • Hi ladies, just watched the videos you posted a day or two ago and loved it y’all are top tier👍 As much as I like zendaya and Tom as a couple I didn’t think they’d marry and have kids together 😂 you also mentioned something about zendaya future kid being a boy with curly hair 🧑‍🦱 awwww he’d be so adorable and turn heads whenever he walks in a room 😂 also can’t wait for the reading on who zendaya future husband is going to be and what he does for a living as well as the type of person he’ll be

  2. Hi, ladies… please do a reading/prediction on the deamelio sisters Charlie and Dixie, what in store for their careers? Are all their instagram and TikTok followers real? If not, how many are fake (percentage)? What do you see for their love life present and future?

  3. Hi again, please do a prediction on Beyoncé’s nephew julz who’s government name is Daniel jr. He allegedly got a girl pregnant 🤰 at 17 the girl is apparently 18… is what the girl is saying true? Is solange about to be a grandma at 35? If it’s true, how did the family react? Especially solange… will they pay the girl hush money? If so, will she accept? Because she said she wasn’t going to get a abortion and told him she wasn’t on plan b, will the child be a boy or a girl? Is the girl really pregnant? Will julz family(solange) pay or presude the girl to get a abortion? If so, will the girl give in?

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