The spirit guides of the collective conscious and our oracle cards had this juicy tea to spill!!

Hollywood will soon be run by the actors & actresses who are actually in the movies as Major Hollywood elites will be stepping down because of scandalous secrets being exposed, but that’s not all the tea!

The Hollywood Elites will be shown for how they set the tone for how we view each other & act as a population/generation & As young people go down the rabbit hole & uncover more truths, keep reading ⬇️

They will begin to be shown for how they determine what race will be in what roles, & how each race should act & be perceived, but that’s not all… KEEP READING SIS ⬇️

A POWERFUL black man in the entertainment industry (think of someone like Tyler Perry) will be stepping up & telling secrets about the elites in the news soon (casting directors, writers, directors, producers, & other Hollywood big wigs)

After all is exposed, don’t be shocked to see men of color but in particular women of color stepping up in roles that we’ve never seen them in before or have seen women of color rarely in.

Singer Lena Hathaway will be scoring some epic roles. A mass awakening will happen because of this, and people will begin to wonder who they are culturally & how their race/culture has been defined & perceived limitations will begin to fall to the wayside!!

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  1. This makes me so happy😭😭😭 POC have been put to the side and skipped for things like roles for too long, it’s about damn time we take over and hopefully it stays that way🤞🤞🤞

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