Hot Psychic Tea – Donald Trump “See what’s in store for his future”

Hey it’s Jasmine from Trinity Oracles and I got the intuitive nudge to pull some oracle cards on Donald Trump & channel his spirit guides!

His spirit guides said the ground is about to shake for him and his team. He will not expect this 😱

Keep reading to find out what will shock Donald Trump and his team⬇️

Donald Trump will NOT be on the ballot this November!

He will be falling off the campaign trail due to new legal issues arising from his presidency & past in general.

He will be startled!…but that’s not all his cards show ⬇️

Speaking of falling…Trump will suffer a stumble/fall at one of his events & It will be very embarrassing for him.

Be very careful with those stairs Trump! 

Sorry Trump fans & supporters but he will not be in the Primary’s too much longer.

His day’s are numbered and coming to a close very soon!

Wait…There’s more!! Keep reading ⬇️

The charges, allegations and legal issues coming up in his future will shock him & his fans/supporters beyond measure. He is not ready!

He thinks he has this presidency pretty much in the bag & want’s to use Ivanka & Jared Kushner to get back into the White House just in case he doesn’t win!

His family will be under very close scrutiny this year and the next!

Further closing the door for any possible future Presidencies for Trump or any of his kids

Speaking of his kids Ivanka’s spirit guides has some SERIOUS tea to spill honey keep reading to see what was revealed from her guides ⬇️

Sorry Ivanka, no future presidency for you nor your husband or future family members. She does think she can win, but it simply won’t pan out!

She thinks she is above it all, but get ready for a fall. Their life will be under great scrutiny for a few years

It will be fireworks between Ivanka & Jared Kushner. Legal issues are surrounding Jared. He won’t get out of these issues, He is destined for a fall.

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