Channeling with Nostradamus

& African-American Ascended Masters Obiija & Kiante

While dreaming last night 2 Ascended Masters came to me along with World-Renowned Prophet Nostradamus to give these predictions (Predictions are for events that will happen in the USA) – No specific time frame was given for these events.

Bomb scare in a Major American Mall (looked like the City of Oakland) 

Plane crash into the stratosphere hotel or the capital records building in LA (very tall building with pin at the top); my guides said it was an accidental crash but the media will portray it as a terrorist attack in the beginning 

Major shooting at a well-known African American Protest/Rally (many will be harmed & many will be killed)  

A few more international boybands are about to take over the world. European, Irish and/or Australian Boy-bands are here to stay.  

By 2050 there will be a major resurgence in interracial marriages – in particular Asian & African American & Mexican/Latin/Spanish & African Americans. The major racial divide will have calmed down way before 2050

Major political divide along party lines will get even worse, we haven’t seen anything yet!! The racial divide & political divide created by Trump will get even worse after he wins re-election (we can change the future, please vote) 

There will be a resurgence of races “taking back what’s culturally theirs” which will strengthen not only the political divide but also the racial divide. The big lesson for humanity is sharing and realizing that all this great culture of knowledge that we have attained as ONE human race is all of ours!! ; Side Note (even if Trump does not win re-election there will still be a strong racial and political divide for many years to come) 

Kente cloth will make a resurgence in the fashion market very soon & a lot of other ethnicity’s will wear it with pride & you will see a lot of other races will begin to acknowledge their roots of originating from Africa  

The will be a resurgence of African American culture in mainstream America from Comedies, to language, to music, etc…Major Cultural Influencers in Black Culture (Tyler Perry, Oprah…etc will make sure to spread black influence through as many media channels as possible)

African-American artists mostly known for R&B and hip-hop will begin to make the transition to different genres of music. Don’t be shocked if we start to see a influx of black indie artists…SZA will be one of the major influencer’s of the trend to different genres of music beginning with classical music 

A few American teens will be writing best sellers, the resurgence of Teen Fan fiction will be hot and the books will be flying off of the shelves (The major buyers will be adults buying the teenage fan-fiction; not only will it make them feel like a teenagers again, but it will also remind them of their rambunctious & care-free past as teenagers). A big wave of Teenage authors will be taking over the New York Times Best Sellers List

People will want to escape!! So there will be a big surge in the travel industry when this Covid-19 pandemic is officially over.

* FYI – After Covid-19 is over, a lot of people will be geared towards items, products, & books that talk about utopia & no stress or worries)  *Create products for post pandemic and those entrepreneurs who do prepare will be ready for when the trend hits-you’ll be ahead of the curve!! (So start now!!)*

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