Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC’s spirit guides said she is in for a rough year in 2023 & partially 2024 particularly because of her mental health! She is simply taking on too much! She will get some flack for her public admission by right wing conservatives and others in general but she will dust it off. She knows what’s best and will lighten her load considerably! She will take some time off due to stress and her mental health.

You wont hear much from AOC over the next months and during the year of elections, she will be focusing more on enhancing her career, brightening her political star & focusing on helping latino’s & latina’s. So much will be going on behind the scenes for her. She will be speaking out publicly in the future about taking time off due to mental health woes. There is also a pregnancy scare (possibly not made public). She will be fine.

Pregnancy for AOC and one of her future children will be a girl…there is a very significant connection between Kamala Harris, AOC & this future bundle of Joy. She will be the apple of Kamala Harris’s eyes. Stay tuned to find out!

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