Troubles ahead for Lizzo & her fans

Lizzo’s guides said she is already working on a new album that will be released after the one slated for a July 2022 release, there is some backlash in her future find out why ⏬

Her guides said she will face a lot of backlash for her exuberant concert ticket prices. Many will be exasperated at the cost per ticket. 

** Her guides did not indicate which future tour will have her future ticket prices soar **. ⏬

Guides for the World stated; Concert ticket prices will rise for a lot of your favorite major artists. Look out for major backlash towards many musicians due to astronomical ticket prices. 

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Client Testimonial – Soul Release 💖

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  1. Hi ladies, could you please take the time and do a reading on yara shadid…will she use her diploma/degree? Will she get married? If so when? Will she have kids? If so, how many? Will she keep acting 🎭 for the rest of her life? If not, what else will she do? If she gets married, what’s her future husband going to be like?

  2. Hello ladies, how you doing? Will Kaia gerber and Austin butler relationship last? If so, will they get married? If so, will their marriage last? If so, will they have kids? If so, how many?

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