Celebrity & World Predictions Predictions Part 2

Angela Simmons guides said she will write a Tell-All book about her life and the decisions she’s made. She will also include intimate details about her relationships with Growing up Hip Hop cast members Bow Wow & Romeo. Bow Wow will not like it btw..

Jared Leto guides said that he may have a sudden death (“Suicide” Squad), it will be a suspected drug overdose

Bow Wow guides said he will be facing major financial issues if he doesn’t get all of his financial ducks in a row. (IRS & major financial institutions will come knockin’) & possibly on the hook for back child support

New person joining the #BritishRoyalFamily…someone’s getting married

Another Growing Up Hip Hop Star will be facing jailtime in her future soon…Briana Latrise

Overdose in Mama June’s future & she will face jail-time soon

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